DIY Word Art Woodworking FREE Template woodworking pattern to create your own custom Do it Yourself Family Wall Decoration Pattern - Perfect for a Gallery Wall

Do it Yourself Word Art {Easy Scroll Saw Woodworking DIY Project and FREE Template}

Create your very own EASY {and pretty} do it yourself word art!  You can use whatever word or font you like – or come grab the FREE PRINTABLE TEMPLATE for this sweet “family” 11 inch high by 24 inch wide sign.  This is a true BEGINNER DIY woodworking scroll saw project.  (I can say that with certainty because it was LITERALLY my first scroll saw project EVER!) Perfect for a gallery wall, home decor, art/sign project or the prettiest wreath embellishment!  I’ve also found a great tip to hanging these so that you don’t have to drill holes in the back OR use nails and make holes in your walls!  Let’s do this: 

DIY Word Art Woodworking FREE Template woodworking pattern to create your own custom Do it Yourself Family Wall Decoration Pattern - Perfect for a Gallery Wall

DIY Word Art Woodworking FREE Template woodworking pattern to create your own custom Do it Yourself Family Wall Decoration - Perfect for a Gallery Wall

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I made this fun little “family” wooden word art sign as part of a project I’m working on as an auction item for our big humongo fun family reunion coming up.  I promise not to leave you hanging – you’ll get to see the finished bigger project, but in the meantime I thought “What if someone JUST wants to make the cute wooden sign for their gallery wall?”  So in case the ‘what ifs’ are for realz – I’m pausing my project to be extra helpy and show you how.  Actually, I’ve almost convinced myself I like it AS IS now and might want to stop…but that’s just the diet pepsi wearing off – it’ll totally pass.  Maybe.  So here’s what you’ll need:Family Word Art Pattern 8 1/2 X 11 inch Template

Start by printing out your template and transferring it to your wood.  When I first realized I had forgotten to get transfer paper I googled “how to transfer to wood without transfer paper” and got this idea.  Trace it really hard on one side with crayon and then flip it over and trace it hard on the other side with crayon.  The hope is that it transfers it.

DIY Word Transfer from Print to Wood Using Crayon

It didn’t.  So I cut it out.  Which I was really trying not to have to do…but it’s for FAMILY…plus I really didn’t want to stop and go to the store.  Once I start a project I’m like a dog with a bone.

DIY Pattern Cutout for Wood Lettering Scroll saw Project

Then I just taped it to my plywood and traced around it with a pencil so it looked like this: 

DIY Traced Word to Wood for Scroll Saw Word Art Scroll Saw woodworking project

I used the scroll saw to go around all of the outer edges all pretty first.  Then I used my cordless drill to drill holes in the middles of the letters where they needed cut out – that way I could thread the scroll saw blade through the holes and cut out the inner shapes: 

DIY Wooden Word Art Scroll Saw Project Drill holes in center of inside shapes on words to thread blade

This was literally my FIRST EVER scroll saw project.  I saw THIS beginner tutorial and it made me want to try it so bad!  So I ran out and bought myself this scroll saw and just followed her awesome instructions – worked like a charm! 

I used my sandpaper block {fine grit} to sand the edges to give them a pretty rounded look and get rid of any jagged edges because:  splinters = the debbil.   ***Make sure to remember to draw a little circle on one of your scraps to make the darling DOT for your “i”.  

DIY Word Sign - Family Scroll Saw woodworking project and Free Template Carving Pattern

I got to looking at it and started crushing on it so hard just the way it was.  Not painted or anything!  I’m still thinking I should just keep this one and make more for the auction with my “original plan”.  So paint yours a pretty color or leave it natural – whatever YOU like best and then check THIS out!  Grab some of these awesome velcro type Picture Framing Command Strips

DIY Word Art Tip to Hang with Command Strips

DIY Word Art Woodworking Pattern Home Decor Tutorial

Just pull them apart and SNAP TWO of them together before you stick one to the wall OR your project: 

DIY Word Art Home Decor Tutorial Perfect for a Gallery Wall

DIY Word Art Free Pattern and Tutorial

DIY Word Art Home Decoration Tutorial Tip to hang easily on the Gallery Wall

So EASY to just stick them on wherever on the back of your project!  Leave the back tape on until you are ready to just stick the whole thing to the wall.  To stick your “dot” for the “i” you will need to modify one to make it small enough not to show.  So, in a totally groundbreaking move…I cut one.  With scissors.  It’s like me and Tesla could have hung out and been genius besties.  

DIY Word Art Easy to Hang with Tips

DIY Word Art Tip to Hanging without nails

It’s ready to go up on the wall now, buddy! 

DIY Family Word Art Free Template Scroll Saw Woodworking Pattern project

Just peel those papers off the back and stick it up there!  These magical command strips can hold up to 12 POUNDS!!! 


DIY Wooden Word Art Tutorial and FREE Family Pattern Template

I couldn’t resist hanging it on the wall “just to see”.  Now I don’t think I can bring myself to take it down.  What do you think tho…. PAINT it white?  Another fun color?  Leave it natural?  #firstworldproblems  

Srsly tho…just lookit those widdle faces all happy with the sign Mommy made them…

DIY Word Art Woodworking Home Decoration Tutorial with FREE Template Woodworking Printable Pattern

I’ll be back with the rest of the project.  In the meantime – enjoy your happy wooden word art sign!  Mine makes me smile.  

**UPDATE: I finished it!  I made a fun indoor/outdoor sign with new “old” distressed wood as a background.   CLICK HERE or on the image below for the finished project and tutorial!**

DIY Family Word Art Sign Woodworking Project Tutorial - Turquoise Tones Finished Home Decoration Sign

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DIY Word Art Woodworking FREE Template woodworking pattern to create your own custom Do it Yourself Family Wall Decoration - Perfect Touch for a Gallery Wall

And be sure to grab your templates here if you didn’t already!

Family Word Art Template 1 of 4

Family Word Art Template 2 of 4

Family Word Art Template 3 of 4

Family Word Art Template 4 of 4

 Single Sheet Smaller 8 1/2 by 11 inch Version

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Easy and Cheap Cord Bundler Organization Hack for Small Appliances To Keep Cords Neatly on the appliance itself

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  1. I just borrowed a scroll saw from my father-in-law to experiment with for my Etsy shop, and now I’m SO excited to try this!!! So glad you shared this. I found your new-old distressed barn wood sign thing on Pinterest, which then led me to this post. Thanks for all those tips!! 🙂

  2. a little tip for cutting with a scroll saw is that you can just use a glue stick and glue the paper on and cut your image out. You don’t have to trace and transfer the image. It easily will sand off after you’re all done you can pull the paper up or lightly sand it.
    Loooove this tutorial, thanks!!

    1. Hi, April! At first I used the blade that came with my Porter Cable scroll saw and it worked just fine – I wish I knew exactly what it was. I broke a couple of them during my learning curve and started experimenting with other blades. It’s going to depend on the thickness you chose for your wood to cut. It says right on the back of the blade packages what thickness each blade is ideal for. My wood was pretty thick (3/4″ or so!) and I ended up liking the 15 TPI/ D/PO the best for control and durability. I hope that helps!

    1. Hi, Brandi! It was literally the first time I’d ever used a scroll saw. The first one took me about an hour. By the third one I cut out, I had gotten my groove down and it took closer to half hour. The time consuming part is stopping to drill the holes and thread your blade through the centers of the letters’ inner loops. It’s so much fun though and really relaxing!

    1. Hi Megan, Yes, I used a blank word document in landscape orientation and stretched the word as big as I could to still fit within the 8 1/2″ width for my printer to be able to handle it. I kept saving each page and then dragging the word over a bit to save another until I knew I had every part of the word so that I could patch them together when printed as a stencil.

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