Easy Quick Cream Cheese Swirled Banana Dessert Bread made with Greek Yogurt Recipe - so moist and yummy - by Dreaming in DIY

The Best Easy Cream Cheese Filled Banana Dessert Bread Recipe

This is the BEST banana bread recipe we’ve ever conjured up (and we’ve experimented with a bagillion and a half combinations). This franken-recipe version turns out with perfect yummy texture and flavors.   To tip the scales from delish to perfection – it’s swirled with scrumptious vanilla cream cheese filling elevating it from yummy snack to irresistible dessert status!

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The Best Easy One Pot Pasta Family Dinner Recipes - Grab a Simple Quick and Delicious Hearty Recipe for dinner this week - via Dreaming in DIY

The Best Easy One Pot Pasta Family Dinner Recipes

Looking for THE BEST new delicious one pot pasta recipes for your hungry family?  We’ve found the most flavorful, simple and quick meal ideas to add to your dinner menu plan meal rotation this week!  Lots of them are REALLY quick too – ready in under 30 minutes!

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